Transformation in 900 Seconds

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May 25, 2020  

Finance Transformation

"How is Finance as a function adapting and brining itself to the table for transformation programs?", we are chatting with David O'Sullivan on this topic and diving into the nuances of how Finance has reinvented itself to help push transformation programs forward but also understand how it needs to adapt and leverage the changing environments.  

October 14, 2019  

Right, Kind, Works - In Real Life Scenario

Transformation in 900 seconds brings you something a little different this week The Right, Kind, Works Model explained through an "In Real Life" scenario. Check out the video explaining the model: A set of tools to help you bring a human empathy element to your problem solving process

September 21, 2019  

Advocacy - Who and When

Episode 2 brings us to the advocacy side of Transformation. Who and when, how do you drive engagement and ensure success. I am joined by Terry Miles to discuss and continue the Transformation in 900 seconds journey. Thanks for listening!

September 11, 2019  

Why Transform - Discuss the Catalyst

Episode 1 focuses on why companies transform, what's the catalyst behind that journey and we are joined by Tony Hansmann from Pivotal who has spent a large portion of his career coaching companies through transformations. An episode to set the stage for the remainder of season 1!

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